Scholarship Highlights – Leslie Briggs

Scholarship Highlights

Chapman-Rogers Scholarship Recipient Name: Leslie Briggs Hometown: Tulsa, OK Law School: University of Tulsa Grad Year: 2019 Field of Law: Public Interest Undergrad Institution: Oklahoma State University Major: Spanish + History Undergrad Graduation Year: 2010 What are your short-term and long-term goals? Short-term Goals: To serve the public in some capacity, whether it is through legislative advocacy, public defense, or … Read More

$1.36 Million in Grants to Defend Homes & Build Communities

$1.36 Million in Grants to Defend Homes & Build Communities The Great Recession proved to be the worst economic downturn in our country since the Great Depression. According to CoreLogic, 5.5 Million homes were lost due to foreclosure in the U.S. since 2008. Quantifying the number of homes lost is the easy part; it is calculating the feelings of loss, … Read More

Scholarship Highlights – Taylor Peshehonoff

OBF Chapman-Rogers Scholarship Recipient Name: Taylor Freeman Peshehonoff Hometown: Ada, OK Law School: University of Oklahoma College of Law Grad Year: 2020 What field of law are you studying: As a 1L, I’m still exploring what my area of interest will be! Where did you attend undergrad: University of Oklahoma What was your Major/Minor: Human Resources Management with a minor … Read More

Scholarship Highlights – Elke C. Meeus

OBF Fellows Scholarship Recipient Name: Elke C. Meeus Hometown: Native of Antwerp (Belgium), but current home town is Edmond (Oklahoma). Law School: OCU School of Law Grad Year: 2019 (Currently a 3L, part-time) What field of law are you studying: I have had Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Torts, Contracts, Property, Agency, Corporations, Legal Research and Writing, Legal Profession. I am … Read More

Scholarship Highlights – Robert Stevens

OBF Chapman-Rogers Scholarship Recipient Name: Robert Stevens Hometown: Sulphur, OK Law School: Oklahoma City University School of Law Graduation Year: 2019 What filed of law are you studying? I am interested in Intellectual Property, which is what I wrote my Case Note about and I’m currently pursing admission to the USPTO as a patent agent (once I pass the Oklahoma … Read More

Meet 2018 Board President Alan Souter

Meet 2018 Oklahoma Bar Foundation Board of Trustees President, Alan Souter, from Tulsa Oklahoma. Law School: Univ of Kansas Graduation Year: 1993 Current Employer: Self – Business and real estate finance, development and construction Location: Tulsa Why did you decide to be a lawyer? I wanted to get a joint MBA and Law degree and work in banking, but decided to work as a … Read More

Scholarship Highlights – Priscilla Jones

W.B. Clark Memorial Scholarship Name: Priscilla Jean Jones Hometown: Born and raised in Texas and graduated from high school in Ponca City, Oklahoma Law School: University of Tulsa College of Law Grad Year: 2018 Field of Law: General Practice though I am qualified to take the Patent Bar Undergrad: Oklahoma State University Major: Fire Protection & Safety Engineering with heavy emphasis in Chemical … Read More

2018 Grantees

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation’s newly named Grantees are projected to help over 60,000 Oklahomans gain access to legal services, court advocacy and legal education in 2018.  All of the organizations will use the funding they receive to further the OBF’s mission to ensure justice is possible for all Oklahomans.  In order to receive funding, each of the non-profits submitted applications … Read More