Deadline for 2014 OBF Grant Application Submissions Was July 1, 2014

Oklahoma Bar Foundation  “2014 OBF Grant Applications” was Tuesday, July 1, 2014. Through its Grants Program, the OBF funds programs and projects that further its mission to champion access to the justice system, fund critical legal services and advance public awareness and better understanding of the law.  OBF has served as the philanthropic center for Oklahoma’s legal community since 1946.  The purposes of OBF Grant funding are:

  • To provide delivery of civil legal services to the poor and elderly;
  • To promote quality education of the law and legal issues;
  • To improve and promote the administration of justice and law-related programs for the benefit of the public, as are specifically approved by the OBF for exclusively public purposes.

Grant applicants must be organized as a nonprofit philanthropic IRS Section 501(c)(3) entity.

Learn more in the Oklahoma Bar Foundation’s two part grant application packet for 2014: OBFGrt-INSTRUCTIONS-2014-Part1of2 and OBFGrt-FORMS-2014-Part2of2

OBF Cy Pres Poster at Oklahoma County Courthouse Public Media Center

OBF Cy Pres Poster at Oklahoma County Courthouse Public Media Center

Oklahoma Bar Foundation Grants & Awards Chairperson Millie Otey, President Dietmar K. Caudle, Executive Director Nancy Norsworthy and Trustee Jeffrey D. Trevillion, Jr. hang OBF Cy Pres Poster in the new Oklahoma County Courthouse Public Media Center located in the Law Library.