OBF Announces 2021 Grantee Partners

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation (OBF) Board of Trustees approved $731,242 in Grants for 29 nonprofit programs that will provide legal services and education to over 46,500 Oklahomans. The OBF Grants … Read More

Grantee Spotlight: Teen Court

The holidays are a great reminder to be thankful. The Oklahoma Bar Foundation is thankful for its grantees and the amazing work they do in communities across the state. Check … Read More

Legal Blueprint for a Successful Nonprofit

You are providing legal advice to a start-up non-profit organization or sitting on the board of such an organization. You believe strongly in the entity’s mission, and want to do all you can, as a lawyer and as a volunteer, to help it succeed. A perfect example to follow is right in front of you Рthe Oklahoma Bar Foundation. This non-profit charitable organization, which is the third oldest bar foundation in the U.S, has successfully raised and distributed over $10 million to provide legal services and law-related benefits and education to Oklahoma citizens, all in the name of Oklahoma lawyers. The OBF provides a valuable legal blueprint for any lawyer to follow in establishing, operating, or contributing to the success of a non-profit organization.