District Court Notice: Addendum to 2014 OBF Court Grant Application

COURT GRANT APPLICATION SUBMISSION DATE MAY 6, 2014 – Please see one additional requirement added to the “2014 OBF Court Grant Application Packet” through the following Addendum: When courts are requesting Electronic Equipment through the OBF Court Grant Program, all Electronic Equipment requests must be approved by the Supreme Court prior to grant application submission to the OBF.  Deputy Court Administrator Mike Mayberry is available to answer questions and help with Supreme Court approval at mike.mayberry@oscn.net or (405) 556-9847.  Please provide a statement with your application advising the OBF your electronic equipment request has been approved by the Supreme Court.  The 2014 OBF Court Grant submission deadline is Tuesday, May 6, 2014, and the OBF will gladly accept applications earlier than the deadline.  Go to the application  2014 OBF Court Grant Application Packet