Elke Meeus – Journey to Law School

Elke Meeus, Belgium native, never imagined she would go to law school, especially in Oklahoma. She was a press officer at the European Parliament and met her husband while skydiving. He was in the Airforce and they were relocated to Oklahoma with their two young children. When a tragic event resulted in the loss of her husband, Meeus was faced with a series of legal battles.

 “A truly exceptional lawyer helped me through those legal battles, and to me, he became the epitome of a lawyer: unafraid to take on ‘unwinnable cases,’ compassionate to the end, and unyieldingly committed to see justice done,” Meeus said.  “He encouraged me, and helped nurture my desire to pursue a legal education.  He inspired me to become the kind of attorney that he was to my children and me.”

Meeus is currently attending Oklahoma City University School of Law and has completed over 700 hours of pro bono legal services. She is a recipient of the Oklahoma Bar Foundation Fellows Scholarship, an annual scholarship awarded to one student from each Oklahoma law school demonstrating interest in public service law and community service.

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation provides scholarships, grants and support of legal services and education to Oklahomans.

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