Whereas, the Oklahoma Bar Foundation (OBF) is the official 501(c)(3) charitable arm of the organized Bar in the State of Oklahoma.  The OBF was founded in 1946 and is the third oldest state bar foundation in the nation.  The OBF celebrated sixty years of service to the legal profession and the state of Oklahoma in 2006.

Whereas, the Oklahoma Bar Foundation Fellows Program was established in 1978 to aid the OBF in carrying out its stated philanthropic and educational purposes, and the mission of OBF is, Lawyers Transforming Lives through the advancement of education, citizenship and justice for all.

BE IT RESOLVED, the Oklahoma Bar Foundation, in celebration of sixty years of service to the profession and to Oklahoma, has established a scholarship award to provide financial assistance to currently enrolled law students at Oklahoma’s three law schools: Oklahoma City University School of Law, University of Oklahoma College of Law, and University of Tulsa College of Law.

Amount: The annual award of $5,000 each to a law student from each of the three law schools for a total of $15,000, with one-half payment each semester

Eligibility: A deserving second or third-year law student who has been a documented continuous legal resident of the State of Oklahoma for the past five years, and who displays a demonstrated intent to practice law in Oklahoma. The candidate should have a demonstrated need of financial assistance, good academic standing, diligence of purpose, and evidence of ability to succeed as a lawyer.  Preference will be given to students with parents and/or grandparents who are or who were members in good standing of the Oklahoma Bar Association and that are or who were members of the Oklahoma Bar Foundation Fellows Program.  Special consideration is given to students with an interest in the field of public law or a promise to give back to the community and to the profession.  High academic standing is not a prerequisite.

Notification: Each of the law schools is invited and requested to mail biographical and other information supporting student eligibility to the OBF, no later than June 1 of each year.  An introductory narrative letter from each student candidate should accompany the eligibility packet of information coming from the law school.

Payment: One-half payment will be made each semester, following receipt of written information from the law school.  Payment will be made to the Oklahoma law school for further credit to the grant recipient’s student account.  The school shall be responsible for monitoring the students continuing eligibility throughout the scholarship period and must provide written confirmation of continued eligibility to receive the second payment.

Presentation: The ceremonial award of the scholarship is to be officially presented to the law student in conjunction with the Oklahoma Bar Association Annual Meeting during the annual OBF Fellows Function, usually held in November of each year.

Title: The award is to be titled the “Oklahoma Bar Foundation Fellows Scholarship”