Grants Support Law Related Education

Ahh Summer Vacation – the long anticipated three months of lazy, lingering days. Free of responsibility, homework, teachers, and school.  While summer months are not usually spent reflecting on the importance of a good education, at the OBF it’s at the forefront of our minds. One of the OBF’s central goals is to transform lives through the advancement of education for all.  To reach that goal in 2014, the OBF gave over $100,000 in grants to law-related educational programs.

Law-related education provides young people with the fundamental principles and skills needed to become responsible participant citizens.  Last year the OBF provided funds to the OBA-YLD Oklahoma High School Mock Trial Program where hundreds of attorneys trained high school students about the legal system.  We also provided funding for the YMCA statewide Youth in Government Program which gives high school students around Oklahoma the opportunity to author legislation and debate it in the chambers of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. OBF funding of law-related educational programs empowers students and citizens with a better understanding of our democratic system and the rule of law.

The OBF also provided grants for law student programs which provide crucial law related services in the areas of immigrant rights, American Indian land and estate issues, and elder law. The TU Boesche Legal Clinic Immigrants Rights Project, The OCU School of Law American Indian Will Clinic, and Senior Law Resource Center, Elder Law Educational/Outreach Program provide law school students with amazing educational and professional development opportunities, while providing valuable services to Oklahoma residents. In addition, the OBF provides scholarships for law students at all three of the law schools in Oklahoma.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The OBF understands the importance of a good education and is committed to promoting access to legal education by promoting programs for a wide range of students.  One of the best ways to assist the OBF in its educational efforts is to become an OBF Fellow, which is as easy as clicking on the Become an OBF Fellow Button on the right side of the screen or by calling the OBF at 405-416-7070.

2015 Mock Trial Participants prepare for finals before the esteemed Judges

One of the best ways to assist the OBF in its educational efforts is to become an OBF Fellow