Impact Update – The Spero Project

“They provide brightness to my dark future.
They brought hope to my hopeless days.
They are my happiness, my family, and my home, The Spero Project.”

Poem by Naiemah, Translated by Moe Moe
New neighbors from Burma/Myanmar

Oklahoma Bar Foundation Fellows (our donors) empower programs like The Common, a program at The Spero Project, which supports the international refugee community. The Common serves over 350 people like Naiemeh each year by providing legal services like green card status adjustment, assistance in the citizenship naturalization process, community legal needs and relational networking.

The Spero Project is one of only two nonprofits working with refugees in Oklahoma City, so the need is great and the timing critical. Every year, Oklahoma receives displaced people from all over the world with little to no access to resources. Helping newly placed refugees with legal services is a huge part of what The Spero Project staff does in their day-to-day programming. The Common is led by three staff members and interns throughout the year.

Long-term resources and support are also a big part of The Spero Project’s mission, including helping with daily homework, summer education programs, weekly English classes, one-on-one tutoring, language learning support, community support, assisting in major life events, and securing employment and long-term housing.

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About the Article

By: Candice Pace, OBF Director of Development & Communications

Source: Kaitlyn Ritchie, Director of The Common & The Common Home

Photo: Two beneficiaries of The Spero Project’s The Common, a grantee of the Oklahoma Bar Foundation.

Grantee Website: The Spero Project


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