IOLTA Attorney Enrollment:

  • Complete and print the IOLTA Compliance Statement Form for each IOLTA trust account that will be established.
  • Open an IOLTA trust account or accounts with an Approved Financial Institution.
  • Mail or email a signed copy of the completed IOLTA Compliance Statement to:

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation
Attn: IOLTA 
P O Box 53036
Oklahoma City OK 73152
Fax: (405) 416-7089
E-mail scanned forms:

  • Please remember to report new accounts, closed accounts, and all other trust account modifications and changes to the Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA) with 30 days of the modification.    Trust account changes are to be reported contemporaneously and reporting requirements may be found in Rule 1.15 of the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct. To make reports, use the OBA Trust Account Reporting Form