Meet 2019 Board President Jennifer Castillo

Law school: OCU School of Law

Graduation year: 2002

Current Employer: Oklahoma Gas & Energy Company

Location: Oklahoma City

Why did you decide to be a lawyer?

I was finishing a Master’s degree in Communication at OU and took a First Amendment and Communication class. It was so interesting I decided to apply to law school instead of a Ph.D. program. The rest, as they say, is history.

Explain the leadership roles you hold, whether professional or in the community, and why these responsibilities are important to you.

I have served in a variety of leadership roles within the Oklahoma Bar Association and the Oklahoma Bar Foundation. In fact, it was my pleasure to serve as OBA President Linda Thomas’ vice president in 2017. I have also volunteered and served on the boards of several non-legal organizations including the Oklahoma Academy for State Goals and the deadCenter Film Festival, as well as the PTA at my sons’ elementary school. I was also appointed by Gov. Fallin to the Oklahoma Water Resources Board in 2018.

What would you tell current law students and young associates about the importance of professional and civic responsibility?            

I take my professional and civic responsibilities very seriously. I am responsible for making my part of the world better, and, because of my legal education, have the knowledge and experience to help the less fortunate access justice. Additionally, getting involved as a law student or young associate brings opportunities to meet judges and more experienced lawyers that can serve as mentors.

What is your biggest pet peeve with modern technology?

I hate that people communicate more via text and email than face to face. I fear the art of conversation is losing the battle against the convenience of other forms of communicating.

What is on your bucket list?

My bucket list includes lots of travel with my family.

Aiden, Luis, Jennifer and Brody

What are your goals as 2019 OBF Board President?

As 2019 OBF Board President, I want to continue educating lawyers and others in the state about the important work done by OBF grantees and to bring in more dollars to support the work of those grantees. Additionally, I am working with OBF Communications Director Candice Pace to plan a fun event for lawyers and OBF grantees in 2019. We will make announcements soon!

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  1. You could not have picked a better person for the job. She’s smart, savvy and dedicated to being the absolute best leader. Congratulations, Ms. Castillo!

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