Meet 2020 Board President Patrick O’Hara

Law School:  University of Oklahoma

Graduation Year:  1995

Current Employer:  Tisdal & O’Hara, PLLC

Where do you live:  Edmond, Oklahoma

Why did you decide to be a lawyer?

Growing up on a cotton farm in western Oklahoma during oil & gas “boom and bust” years, I recognized firsthand the value of sound legal advice. The ability to earn a client’s trust through the most difficult situations was something I also admired. I was interested in joining a profession where I would have the opportunity to develop that kind of relationship while proving a valuable service.

What is one thing you’re glad you tried but would never do again?

Noodling. I was “successful”, but don’t need to do it again. Ever.

Are there any social norms that completely baffle you?

Talking on a cell phone in a crowded elevator.

What is your biggest pet peeve with modern technology?

Too many emails.

What is on your bucket list?

African Safari.

Explain the leadership roles you hold in professional and/or community settings and why these responsibilities are important to you.

Outside the legal profession, over the years I have enjoyed leadership roles involving my church, the school system my children attended and their various activities. Because those areas of my life have always been top priorities, I felt it was important to stay involved and contribute in any way possible.

What are your goals as 2020 OBF Board President?

To continue increasing awareness among lawyers about the important work being done by the OBF.  I have a lot of friends in the legal community and would like to see all of them become OBF Fellows this coming year.

You served as the OBF Grants & Awards Chair for several years, what do you want the Oklahoma legal community to know about the OBF and its Grantees?

Due to the nature of many legal practices, lawyers are often not exposed to the difficult challenges faced by certain groups of Oklahoma citizens attempting to access our legal system, including children, elderly, veterans, abused and impoverished, just to name a few. My involvement with the OBF has educated me about the details of that reality. At the same time, my roles on the OBF have also allowed me to meet so many wonderful people whose mission is helping the most vulnerable and under served members of our society gain access to and successfully navigate our system of justice. Many of our grantees operate on minimal budgets and would not exist without the funding they receive from the OBF. It is truly amazing how many Oklahoma lives are positively impacted by the organizations the OBF supports. Contributing to the OBF is one-way lawyers can ensure these organizations continue providing the services that are desperately needed by so many in our communities.

Will, Sydney, Patrick, Karla and Drew

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