OBF Award Recipients

Oklahoma Bar Foundation Award Recipients

Roger Scott Memorial Award Recipient

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation (OBF) is excited to announce that Bob Burke is the 2022 Roger Scott Memorial Award Recipient. This award is named after Roger Scott for his service as an OBF Trustee from 2003-2009 and for his leadership as Chair of the Development Committee.

Like Roger Scott, Bob Burke’s name is synonymous with outstanding professionalism, congeniality, and the highest regard for ethics. Burke serves on the OBF Board of Trustees and Development Committee and is a Partner for Justice donor.

Burke was instrumental in the success of the OBF’s 75th Anniversary Event, Diamonds & Disco. He helped raise sponsorship funds, made a large contribution himself, and was the emcee during the program portion of the event.

Burke is also co-writing a book with OBF Executive Director, Renee DeMoss, in honor of the OBF’s 75th Anniversary. This book shares interesting facts about the history of the OBF plus a collection of stories from OBF Grantee clients whose lives have been impacted by access to legal representation.

Thank you, Bob, for making the OBF’s 75th Anniversary special by capturing the OBF story in a book that will be cherished for years to come.

Klein/Brown Presidents Award Recipient

The OBF is also extremely proud to recognize Brian Hermanson as the 2022 Klein/Brown Presidents Award Recipient. This award is named after two OBF Past Presidents for their visionary leadership. First, Gerald Klein, while serving as the Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA) President in 1946, created the Oklahoma Bar Foundation as the charitable arm of the OBA. Klein then served as OBF President in 1957. Second, Jack L. Brown, served as OBF President in 2016 and is responsible for modernizing the administration and management of assets. His leadership as President created a new level of effectiveness and awareness about the OBF’s impact on legal services in Oklahoma.

Like Klein and Brown, Hermanson, throughout his career, has made significant contributions to the OBF. He became involved with the OBF in the 1980’s and chaired the IOLTA committee in 1989. In the early 1990’s, he served as Vice President, President-Elect and then President of the OBF during the tumultuous time that IOLTA was shifted from a voluntary program to a mandatory one. As Past President, he worked to expand the OBF’s Fellows program (now called the Partners Program) which encourages all lawyers in Oklahoma to donate annually to the OBF.

Recently, Hermanson has returned to the OBF’s Board of Trustees and worked effectively on our team that achieved a great breakthrough for IOLTA — a rule change that ensures interest rate comparability for IOLTA bank accounts. This change will make a tremendous difference in the OBF’s capacity to provide legal representation and aid to Oklahomans in need.

Thank you, Brian, for your past and continued leadership and guidance with IOLTA. Your vital contributions empower legal services programs in Oklahoma.



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