OBF Planning Retreat – New Beginnings

The OBF Board of Trustees recently held a retreat to reexamine its fundraising initiatives for all OBF funded programs so that we can do a better job.  OBF consultant, Dennis Dorgan, organized the retreat into focus groups of trustees to discuss in detail the components of OBF fundraising.  The focus groups were 1.) Making Grantees the Centerpiece, 2.) Donor Recognition, 3.) Increasing Visibility of the OBF, 4.) Marketing the OBF, 5.) Young Lawyers, 6.) Master (older) Lawyers, 7.) Corporate Counsel Strategy, and 8.) Cy Pres Strategy.

The focus group sessions were very productive with strong participation from the Trustees along with OBF staff members.  The topics and focus group discussions will serve as the foundation for a revised and updated fundraising plan of action.  With increased funding, the OBF can provide more grant assistance for law related programs so that more Oklahomans will be served.

One of the best ways to assist the OBF in its law-related philanthropic efforts is to become an OBF Fellow