Court Grant Requests Funded in Full

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation’s Board of Trustees recently approved $102,334 in grants to Oklahoma County Courts meeting all funding requests made during the 2016 Court Grant Cycle. Judges, court clerks and county commissioners from twelve county courts presented their needs for critical courtroom technology to the Foundation’s Grants & Awards Committee in April. The Board was able to fund all grants requested due to generous cy pres awards dedicated to the Foundation’s Court Grant Fund.

“This is the first year we have been able to meet all the requests made by courts who applied for funding. At a time when budget needs are significant, we are thrilled to be in a position to assist our State’s courts with much needed courtroom equipment,” says Millie Otey, Board of Trustee President.

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation’s Court Grant Fund helps financially strapped courts across Oklahoma upgrade their systems to better handle increasing case loads. Since the establishment of this fund in 2008, the Foundation has awarded close to $645,000 to courts across the state.

“One of the core values of the Foundation is to improve the administration of justice.  This often involves providing courts with needed funds to increase the level of access available to all participants in our judicial system.  This year, numerous judges pointed out that litigants with superior resources commonly have an advantage when it comes to utilizing technology in the courtroom,” says Patrick O’Hara, Grants & Awards Chair.  “These judges expressed a desire to ‘level the playing field’ so that the use of technology, such as video equipment, projectors, sound systems and even smart boards, would be equally available to all parties.  We are proud to play a part in making that desire a reality through this year’s grants.”

2016 Court Grant Recipients:

  1. District Court of Cleveland County – $1,500

           2 Audio/visual projectors

  1. District Court of Cherokee County – $12,290

           80 inch Smart Board for courtroom use

  1. District Court of Comanche County – $31,500

           Video/Audio equipment in 7 courtrooms

  1. District Court of Creek County – $4,382

           Audio/visual equipment

  1. District Court of Garfield County – $4,729

          Sound system for east courtroom

  1. District Court of Kiowa County -$3,150

          Video projector

  1. District Court of Leflore County – $4,633

          Courtroom projector

  1. District Court of Muskogee County – $4,980

          Video arraignment System upgrade

  1. District Court of Okfuskee County -$6,690

          Courtroom sound system

  1. District Court of Oklahoma County – $10,300

           36 digital recorders for 36 courtrooms

  1. District Court of Pittsburg County – $5890

           Digital Audio equipment

  1. District Court of Wagoner County -$12,290

          80 inch Smart Board for courtroom use


View a list of all Oklahoma Bar Foundation Court Grants.



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