President’s Message – Stories & Journeys

President Valerie Couch

Stories. And journeys. That’s what drives the Oklahoma Bar Foundation.

In the bright forefront are stories of lives saved and transformed by the support of the Foundation. In the dark backdrop are tragic stories of lives derailed and endangered by the lack of legal advice, services and advocates. We hear compelling stories every day in the course of the Foundation’s work, and these stories drive us to be better, ever more effective, and more connected to the needs of Oklahomans.

Why should you give to the Oklahoma Bar Foundation? Because the Foundation needs every lawyer in our state to support its work. The needs are stark, and every dollar of your support helps the Foundation respond to those needs. Beyond that, each of us has a responsibility to help those in need and contribute to the understanding of the law. Supporting the Foundation is one of the most comprehensive ways for you to fulfill this responsibility.

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation has a compelling story of its own. What began as an inspired action of a few lawyers in 1946 has evolved and matured into a well-managed institutional force working within its mission: supporting non-profit organizations who provide access to justice for those in need, supporting the Rule of Law through law-related education, and supporting and improving the administration of the law in our State.  The Foundation’s work takes us to the intersection of the law and mental illness, drug dependency, domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, and homelessness.  We need to be there at that intersection with ample resources and expertise for the journey.

The Foundation is worthy of your trust and investment. Its journey is your journey. Thank you for being a vital part of its story going forward.

-Valerie Couch, 2022 OBF Board of Trustees President


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