Research Designed to Take OBF to the Next Level

Legal research is an integral part of a lawyer’s daily life, used to inform the lawyer on how to advise clients, negotiate with opposing counsel, or persuade a judge or jury. The importance of legal research can often be seen in the many comical goofs found in literary masterpieces and Hollywood films, even the beloved Atticus Finch could have benefited from a little research in his defense of Tom Robinson (ahem a motion for change of venue).

Legal research is the backbone of all good lawyering and forms the analytical foundation for any case or issue being worked on. Given the importance of research, the OBF started this year with a little researching of its own by conducting a feasibility study which assessed the potential for the development and implementation of an annual fundraising program. The goal of the study is to provide a good foundation upon which the OBF can build and develop an action plan.

The study was conducted last month by OBF consultant, Dennis Dorgan, who performed a series of interviews with various members of the OBF, OBA and other organizations impacted by OBF grants.  Mr. Dorgan, through these conversations, uncovered many good ideas from OBF members on fundraising, potential barriers to success, and generated enthusiasm for the project.  The end result is a written feasibility report that will summarize the consensus and differences from these conversations and will provide the OBF with guidance on how to proceed with its development program.

The feasibility study will also assist the OBF with providing objectives and direction for the new OBF development director.  This position has been advertised and candidates should submit their resumes and supporting materials to the search committee chaired by OBF Board member and former OBA President Stephen Beam.  Interested candidates should refer OBF News Section of the OBF website ( for additional information on the position and how to apply.  The committee will screen all applicants, conduct interviews and make their recommendations to the OBF Board of Trustees.

Finally, the feasibility study will establish the framework for OBF Board members and staff to develop a comprehensive fundraising plan of action.  A Board retreat has been scheduled for March 26-27 at Postoak Lodge, just outside of Tulsa to create the important new plan.  The retreat facilitators will be Mr. Dorgan and our new development director.  The plan will establish goals and methods to achieve them.  The OBF is very fortunate to have a highly skilled and dedicated board and staff to undertake this ambitious program.  The OBF grants program to charitable organizations statewide which are involved in public service work for the poor, elderly, abused women and children, and school children in need of assistance will be some of the key recipients from this development plan.

The OBF challenges all Oklahoma lawyers to do their part to assist the OBF in its development efforts.  One of the best ways to meet this challenge is to become an OBF Fellow or Benefactor Fellow.  It’s as easy as clicking the OBF website or by calling OBF at 405-416-7070.  We look forward to your participation in the OBF.