Scholarship Highlights – Taylor Peshehonoff

OBF Chapman-Rogers Scholarship Recipient

Name: Taylor Freeman Peshehonoff
Hometown: Ada, OK
Law School: University of Oklahoma College of Law
Grad Year: 2020
What field of law are you studying: As a 1L, I’m still exploring what my area of interest will be!
Where did you attend undergrad: University of Oklahoma
What was your Major/Minor: Human Resources Management with a minor in Constitutional Studies
What year did you graduate: 2017

What are your short-term and long-term goals, professionally & personally?
My short-term goals are to make it through my first year with an academic record that makes me proud and to work towards acquiring an internship for this upcoming summer that will be challenging.
Long-term, I hope to finish law school, pass the bar exam, and find full-time employment in an area of law that fulfills me. Personally, I hope to continue to build positive connections with others because you oftentimes learn more from those around you than from a book.

What made you decide to attend law school?
When I was 13, I was home alone babysitting my younger sisters when a man broke into our house. The process that followed piqued my interest in a legal career. I talked with local attorneys and observed what their day-to-day life looked like. I loved watching the impact that these individuals had on their clients, and I wanted to do the same.

Are there any laws or social rules that completely baffle you?
Something that I’ve learned during my short exposure to law school is that the law of contracts shields minors while minors are still liable for their intentional torts. I find it interesting that one body of law feels it necessary to allow minors to void contracts into which they’ve previously entered, but tort law typically holds minors accountable for their intentional acts.

What historical figure inspires you and why?
I really admire Amelia Earhart. Not only did she prove to the world that she can do anything that a man can do, but she also pursued her passion no matter the cost. I look up to Ms. Earhart for her ability to follow her dreams in a situation where those around her told her she was incapable.

What is the most important thing you have learned in law school or undergrad?
A phrase that has become my motto over the last few years is to “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” Things are never going to happen the way you planned them. Opportunities will arise that make you feel out of your element. Even if those situations are outside of your comfort zone, you never know how that experience will change your perspective or your life.

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