75 Years of Impact

This year, the OBF turns 75!  We cannot think of a better way to celebrate our Diamond Anniversary than by focusing and looking back with you on our 75 years of impact. It is our goal during this milestone year to celebrate our birthday by describing how OBF grants, donors, and grantees have made a difference through the $17.5 Million in grant and scholarship funding we have awarded.

This is how we plan to celebrate our 75 Years of Impact. First, we plan to make some changes in our Fellows giving programs to better emphasize the important partnership role our donors play. Second, we will be sharing stories and photos of people whose lives have been positively changed by OBF awards. Third, we will be highlighting the generous attorneys who helped shape the OBF and paved the way for the impact work we are able to do today.

The OBF was created to improve the administration of justice and to bring the legal community together in philanthropy. When we all work together, we have a much greater impact. We invite you to partner with us to advance the cause of justice in our 75th year and beyond:

  • Join one of our Partners Advancing Justice Giving Programs
  • Increase your donation to our Partners for Justice program (previously Fellows)
  • Donate to our 75 for 75 Campaign to end family violence set for April – July 2021
  • Attend our 75th Impact Event on October 1, 2021 (if we can gather then)
  • Request information about our new planned giving program – Legacy Partners for Justice
  • Like and follow the OBF on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Share our impact stories through email and social media

For more information about donating, event sponsorships, event tickets and planned giving, contact Candice Pace at candicej@okbar.org

Donate online at www.okbarfoundation.org/donate

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