OBF’s New Grant Program Fills Court Reporter Position in Texas County

The OBF’s new program to help end the shortage of court reporters in rural Oklahoma courts recently made its first Employment Grant.  A $15,000 Employment Grant was made to Angela Eylar, who will serve as an official court reporter for District Judge Jon K. Parsley in the District Court of Texas County.  Eylar’s employment begins on October 1.  Pursuant to the Grant requirements, Elyar will serve a three-year term with the Court.

Judge Parsley, who was instrumental in directing the cy pres award that funded this special grant program, describes his struggles to find and retain court reporters in rural Western Oklahoma, saying, “For many years, we have struggled with only one court reporter working for all five Judges in the First Judicial District.  That one reporter recently secured a court reporting job in Texas, making more than double the salary we pay in Oklahoma.  Our Courts simply cannot function without a reporter, so I went on a desperate search for one.  The Oklahoma Bar Foundation Court Reporter Rural Services Grant was critical to me employing a new court reporter.  Informing my prospective reporter of the $15,000 grant for taking the job in the Panhandle sealed the deal.  I cannot thank the OBF enough for administering the program that has allowed me to keep the court system functioning in the First Judicial District.”

The OBF is dedicated to improving the administration of justice in Oklahoma Courts and is excited to help fill critical court reporter positions with this grant program.

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