Scholarship Highlights – Brian Taylor


OBF W.B. Clark Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Name: Brian Michael Taylor
Hometown: Ponca City, Oklahoma
Law School: Oklahoma City University School of Law
Graduation Year: Spring 2018
Field of Law: Oil and Gas Law
Undergrad: University of Oklahoma
Undergrad: Major/Minor: B.A. Political Science; History Minor
Undergrad Graduation Date: Spring 2015

1. What are your short-term and long-term goals, professionally & personally?
My short-term goal is to finish my education at Oklahoma City University School of Law and to secure full-time employment post-graduation.
My long-term goal is to use the connections that I’ve made in undergrad and law school to create my own business in the oil and gas industry.

2. What made you decide to attend law school?
I’ve always been fascinated with how laws and social norms shape our societies behavior and perception of certain topics. Additionally, I concluded that it would be complementary with my Political Science degree in hopes of a future in the legislature at the state level.

3. Are there any laws or social rules that completely baffle you?
While in school, I learned that Native American tribes cannot enforce criminal law on non-native individuals for crimes that occurred on tribal land. As a result, there are no justification or remedial measures for the victims of these crimes to rectify the transgressions.

4. What historical figure inspires you and why?
Edgar Allen Poe. He was the person who helped me identify my passion for writing poetry. His imagery and style captivated me and inspired me to embrace my artistic abilities (which I had previously ignored in favor of athletics).

5. What is the most important thing you have learned in law school or undergrad?
The most important thing I’ve learned from law school and undergrad was to be willing to embrace discomfort. I am typically a quiet, reserved individual. However, I’ve learned that by going out of my way to actively acknowledge people and attempt to learn more about them creates several opportunities that I likely wouldn’t have been able to experience.
My Junior Year of Undergrad, by fostering a relationship with a faculty member, I was able to work on a project in Washington D.C. with the Department of Education. I had never been to the East Coast before that trip. While in D.C., I had the honor of escorting Arne Duncan, former Secretary of Education, to a speaking engagement.

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