Scholarship Highlights – Grace Williams

OBF Fellows Scholarship Recipient Name: S. Grace Williams  Hometown: Bethany, Oklahoma  Law School: Oklahoma City University  Grad Year: May 2019 What field of law are you studying: It’s more about connecting with clients than a specific area of law.   Where did you attend undergrad: Southern Nazarene University What was your Major/Minor: Sociology with minor in Spanish  What year did you Graduate: … Read More

Scholarship Highlights – Lashandra Peoples-Johnson

OBF Chapman-Rogers Scholarship Recipient Name: Lashandra Peoples-Johnson Hometown: Dallas, Texas Law School: University of Tulsa College of Law Grad Year: May 2019 What field of law are you studying: My goal is to gain exposure in as many fields of law as possible while in law school. I am particularly interested in litigation and criminal law. Where did you attend … Read More