Oklahoma Bar Foundation Awards Grants to District Courts

The Board of Trustees of the Oklahoma Bar Foundation recently approved grant awards to 13 district courts across Oklahoma totaling $89,375.  The grants range in size from $13,530 to $2,755 for technology equipment that will help to improve access to Oklahoma’s judicial system.  The Oklahoma Bar Foundation program is unique in that it provides funding for technology projects to the … Read More

Now Is The Time To Leave A Legacy

President Susan Shields states an increasingly important funding mechanism to maintain the grant-making endowment of the OBF is through charitable planned giving. Charitable planned giving, during lifetime or at death, can take many forms and the “planning” involved typically involves a donor making a charitable gift that will occur at a future date as a way to help support the … Read More

The OBF, Our Grantees Are What We Are About

We are well into 2013 and have all (hopefully) fully recovered from the end of 2012, including our holiday and year end festivities and the dangers of the fiscal cliff, with the looming debt crisis still to be addressed.  Another “crisis” said to be facing our country is the enormous need for pro bono service from lawyers.  It is estimated that more than 80% of the legal needs of persons in the U.S. with limited income are currently unmet.  That is a crisis that the OBF, and each person who supports the OBF, directly helps to improve.

Legal Blueprint for a Successful Nonprofit

You are providing legal advice to a start-up non-profit organization or sitting on the board of such an organization. You believe strongly in the entity’s mission, and want to do all you can, as a lawyer and as a volunteer, to help it succeed. A perfect example to follow is right in front of you – the Oklahoma Bar Foundation. This non-profit charitable organization, which is the third oldest bar foundation in the U.S, has successfully raised and distributed over $10 million to provide legal services and law-related benefits and education to Oklahoma citizens, all in the name of Oklahoma lawyers. The OBF provides a valuable legal blueprint for any lawyer to follow in establishing, operating, or contributing to the success of a non-profit organization.

Make A Contribution

Donate Donate to the Oklahoma Bar Foundation by filling out the online form below or you can download the printable form. Check out our new Fellows Giving Levels and please note that we have added monthly giving options to make jumping up to that next level easier on your pocketbook.

New 2013 President to Lead Fellows

Susan Shields takes the helm as president of the Oklahoma Bar Foundation at a time when the OBF is working hard to maintain grant funding for important law-related charitable programs that serve Oklahomans in need and school children throughout the State. 2012 proved to be a very different year for your Bar Foundation, with a dramatic decline in income of near fifty percent compared to 2011. Going forward, grants will need to be reduced further without additional financial support and help from the Oklahoma legal community.

2012 President’s Top Ten List to Close the Year

To be a Fellow means that you are a player — not just a fan.  Fellows are stakeholders in the mission and purpose of OBF.  Mixed metaphors aside,  I present you with my top ten reasons why you should be proud to be a Fellow of the Oklahoma Bar Foundation.

2012 End of Year Letter to All OBA Members

The OBF supports causes important to lawyers and law firms.  In these challenging economic times when other sources of funding for OBF grantees have been drastically cut or have completely gone away, contributions from people like you will help the OBF be able to continue our mission of supporting law-related charities.  Law-related charitable services are not an area other organizations or groups willingly support and it is important that we, as attorneys, help.

2012 Grant Award Announcement

by President Shon T. Erwin It is my privilege to announce the 2012 Oklahoma Bar Foundation Grant Awards in the total amount of $356,000. The grants are down this year as a direct result of the continued instability of the economy, and particularly the ongoing low interest rate environment. Banks have dramatically reduced the rates they pay on IOLTA accounts. … Read More

Putting the FUN back in Fundraising

I hate fundraising, but what I hate more is that every day equal justice under the law is being denied Oklahomans. Equal justice under the law means nothing without equal access to justice…This is a cause to which we as lawyers, are all called. Learn more about FUN…