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  • Frank has always provided for his family until he was injured on the job leaving his with a brain injury and in a medically induced coma.
  • In the 18 years Kevin has been on this earth, he had endured more loss than most people do in their entire lives.
  • Within months of her diagnosis, Rose received news that her cancer had spread, taking her strength and her mind.
  • David and Jordan are brothers living very different lives than when they first came into DHS custody 3 years ago.
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No, Really — OBF Does Not Receive a Share of Your Bar Dues

When you pay your OBA dues, you are paying annual rent for your license to practice law in Oklahoma, and you are paying for the many valuable services your bar association provides to the legal profession and to the citizens of our state. However, when you pay your OBA dues you are not making a payment of any kind to the Oklahoma Bar Foundation. Read More of the Story

OBF Grant Funding Crisis 2012

OBF Grant Funds Are In Crisis
What will the dramatic income decline mean for organizations funded by OBF? The 2012 OBF grant cycle is currently underway with 21 organizations making requests totaling $675,000. Given the loss of income, your OBF must dramatically cut grant award amounts and possibly eliminate some organizations completely from the grant process. This means that many Oklahomans will go without vitally needed legal services – law-related education programs in schools will go unfunded – children and vulnerable adults in Oklahoma will suffer. Learn More


The OBF’s mission of improving access to justice for those less fortunate makes it an ideal match for class action cy pres awards, since an underlying premise for all class actions is to make access to justice a reality for people who otherwise would not be able to obtain the protections of the court system. Through diverse of options available through OBF, something can be tailored to each case. Read More of the Story…

A Small Investment in the Future

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation is a shining example of the commitment of Oklahoma lawyers to the profession and to the people of Oklahoma. Since OBF’s inception in 1946, the OBF has awarded more than $10 million. Your single Fellows contribution helped 38 law-related charitable programs and court projects last year along. How You Can Help…

OK Juvenile grant PR

The Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau recently received the Oklahoma Bar Foundation (OBF) Court Grant Award for Physical Court Improvements.

OBF Journal Record Article

A history of helping: Oklahoma Bar Foundation supports nonprofits By M. Scott Carter The Journal Record Printed Wednesday, November 17, 2010 OKLAHOMA CITY – Call it the unknown foundation. While the Oklahoma Bar Foundation has been around for decades, given away millions of dollars and helped dozens of nonprofit agencies, most people – including thousands of the state’s attorneys – … Read More

OBF Grant to OK County Juvenile Bureau

Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau Awarded Grant from Oklahoma Bar Foundation The Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau recently received the Oklahoma Bar Foundation (OBF) Court Grant Award for Physical Court Improvements. The funds from the grant were used to build a new waiting area for persons attending juvenile court hearings. On Tuesday, May 11 at 10:00 a.m., a ceremony will take place at … Read More